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In order to keep our pricing fair to all we have to first have to get some details of your dog, the factors we take into account are size, breed, coat condition, age and behaviour during the grooming process.  If you have a regularly groomed dogs on a recommended set schedule they will require less time, skills and management, if not we will possibly have to charge additional costs to cover ours ... we understand at Star Dogs that sometimes life gets in the way and changes to lifestyle etc can impact how often you can get to the groomers .. we are happy to give quotes but these may change once we see your dog so we cant confirm actual price until meeting. Like everything else in a dogs life they need to be accustomed to situations so we will always work with owners offering training tips and advice if required to ensure their dogs have the best experience possible  WE ALWAYS ADVISE THE BEST FOR A DOGS WELFARE OVER STYLES AND FINISHES ... WE WILL NEVER MAKE A DOG  FEEL DISTRESSED DURING THEIR GROOM TO ACHIEVE A DESIRED LOOK

We offer Puppy Introductions and recommend you get your dog in as soon as they have had their final inoculations, this helps them through their vital socialisation development period to see grooming as part of their lives.


We offer mini grooms and tidy ups on dogs who maybe just need their faces or paws or messy bits tidied up, you don't always have to wait until you dog needs full grooms to pop in and see us.


We also offer pop in nail service but please call us first to double check someone is there.